Sunday, November 14, 2010

Crafty Mart- What a great day!

           Yesterday I set up at Crafty Mart, in Akron, OH. It was a wonderful show! I always look forward to this event, twice a year! (one in the spring and fall) Being that I am pretty pregnant, this will most likely be the only fall show I get to do. Although, after yesterday I am thinking on it! I had a great day, met a ton of new people and loved hanging out with my fellow crafty chicks!

Here are a few snap shots of my booth... always changing...


burpie blankies

clippies 2010 new

Now to unload the car, take pictures and update the good 'ol Etsy Store!


jane b. said...

hello there! i bought a tiny pair of shoes from your table on saturday. i haven't given them to my niece yet because i'm holding out until christmas. just wanted to check out your blog and say hey!

Jenn Doll said...

Hello there!! Thanks so much for stopping in! Please stop back often, I will be doing a giveaway in time for the holidays! You can also "like" on Facebook, that is where I will post updates too!

:) Jenn