Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Spider Shirt Tutorial

Hey there! This year Landen has a fall school party, the first one! We were told to not wear costumes, so I wanted to make a little something fun to wear...

First we painted his middle and 4 fingers and made the body and one side
of legs for our two spiders! We used fabric paint. (He loved it... can ya tell?)

We let that dry for an hour or so. 

Then we added the other 4 legs on the other side.
(By using his other hand and only painting his fingers. You may have to take a small brush
and fill in any spots that may not come out black)

And with silver glitter puff paint I added a web, and a little pumpkin for a little color.

Follow directions on the bottles for drying time, and for the fabric paint you will have to iron to set.
Be sure you don't iron the puff paint though.
After it is all dry and set, super glue a couple googley eyes for the spiders!

I also painted a maternity tee for me and the bump! Just a pumpkin!

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