Saturday, January 1, 2011

Labor of Love

Announcing Gabriella Marie Doll and the story of her arrival!


8am- wake to a small "gush" then think to self... "Hmmm? Wonder what that was...?"

8:05am- Call doctor's office tell them "My water might have broke?"
9am get to doctor's office they confirm I am leaking fluid, 3cm, go to hospital

9:40am head home to collect "stuff" and wait for hubby to get home, get a shower, and take way too long, and move way to slowly

11:30am leave for hospital

11:45am get to L&D and get put into Triage for 2 hrs... (during this time get a "doctor girl" who may or may not have really went to school to be a real doctor.... still not sure!

12:00 get checked by "doctor girl" and she says I am 4cm she also takes swabs to look at under microscope. Can't confirm that water has broke... ??

1:00pm sit and wonder what the heck has been going on... will I have a baby today? Ever??

2:00pm nurse comes in to take us to a room. Since I was 4cm my doctor wants me to be admitted.

2:30pm get IV fluids and get cozy in my room. I got the nicest nurse, Vicky, she brings warm blankets! Woo-Hoo!

4pm "doctor girl" shows up again, after much searching... 6cm? Still no real pain...??

4:15pm nurse says that if I plan to get an epidural I better get it now since things are going quickly.

4:30pm Epidural lady comes in, super sweet, like Reese Whitherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama- minus the accent. Get the line in, little to no pain!

5pm another resident doctor comes in, looks like a grown up, seems to know what she is talking about. She checks me and says I am only 3cm!!!!! What the #@!!?? I about cried, or told someone off! I then send the husband home to eat, let the dogs out and work on Christmas prep. Also call mother... toatally bummed

6pm doctor comes in to check again, 5cm! Finally getting somewhere!

6:30pm txt hubby, he then texts back, "what does that mean, should I come back?" I answer no...

7:30pm feeling weird. Call hubby, in a little panic... Come back now!!

8:00pm hubby arrives, I am freakin, feeling lots of pressure. I was thinking that it was just me wanting to think things are getting there...

9:30 ask for a doctor to check things..... 10cm ready to push!!!!!! Freak out, hands in the air like I won something. Call mother and tell her to get dressed and get here! She doesn't believe me, I have to tell her 4 times, I AM NOT KIDDING, COME TO THE HOSPITAL NOW! lol! Call Dad... All on the way...

9:35 start pushing

9:45 front desk rings the room my mom arrived to the hospital with record time. LOL! She goes to waiting room with my brother and waits for my step-dad to meet her there.

9:50 Dad, step-mom, and "big brother" arrive, actually start to come into the room, I saw small feet under the divider curtain, I yell out mid contraction... "go to waiting room... not now... turn around..." Luckily my son did not get a view of everything going on. (a bit much for an almost 4yr old)

lots of pushing... getting excited!

10:10pm I TELL THE NURSE THAT SHE SHOULD PROBABLY GO GET SOMEONE. I WAS FEELING THAT THINGS WERE CHANGING, FEELING CLOSE! Nurse replies, "No we are fine" then proceeds to push my left heel back off of the stirrup making my hips uneven causing a ton of pain. I then feel the baby's head slide to the side, it felt like a knife. Start to cry a little bit.

10:15pm pushing, pushing, pushing. The next push the entire baby's head comes out, nurse panics and tries to call for help. I totally panic... actually freak out! Start to yell out... As the nurse is yelling at me to stop pushing... REALLY!?? Like that is possible! I can hear the baby gurgling... I totally loose it...

10:16 6-7 doctors/nurses run in. Everyone looks confused, I am yelling “Hurry UP! Get over here!” and a few “Oh my God”s were in there too. The first one in the room is the resident doctor that seemed to know what was going on… she quickly grabbed the blue gloves from the wall and started to suction the mouth out. (I know that the blue gloves are not sterile… so all I could think of is that she was touching my baby, my brand new baby with dusty gloves that had been in that box for who knows how long…) I am now fully freaking out, hyperventilating and praying all at once. I look to my husband, he is just as terrified as I was, although holding it together much better than I was.

10:17 it’s official, Gabriella is born! She was pretty purple, they took her over to the warming table that was to my left and began to work on her. She cried clearly very soon after and pinked up quick. I still could not stop crying. Even when they told me she was fine… I cried and was shaking… couldn’t help it.

They finally gave her to me, she was beautiful! I loved her from the start, but to see her it made it all real! I could finally breathe. Soon after all that my parents and my son got to meet her. Landen was so proud! He was overjoyed with seeing her, and he climbed up to sit on my bed and just starred. I was so blessed to have two beautiful, healthy children!

So, the day wasn’t exactly how I planned, but the final result was perfect!