Monday, September 27, 2010

My Pumpkin

    This past Saturday my husband headed off to the Ohio State game. My mom had the day off, so we decided to take a little trip to a local favorite, Kingsway Pumpkin Farm. We have gone for the past two years at least a few times each year. They have so many fun things to do there!

I love how it is decorated with all the hand painted “photo opt” spots!

We fed some animals, they are so friendly and come right up to you.

We also grabbed a little fair food and bought a few pumpkins on the way out!

The day we went it was only $2.50 a person for admission, and $1.00 for Landen to ride the train! (which is what he seemed to remember most from last year) We walked around for about 2 hours in the wonderful fall weather, and that is about all I could handle. (after we left the farm we stopped in at the Hartville Market Place to check things out and visit a friend! So that make almost 4 hours of walking… what was I thinking?)  

I am now coming up on my 7th month of pregnancy and feeling pretty darn good! Of course after a long day of walking a hot bath was wonderful! We can’t wait to take Gabriella there next year and carry on our little tradition!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hair Bow Display: Tutorial

Hello Everyone! I have made a bunch of these cute clips and thought to myself "Where to put them?" So, one night while laying in bed... should have been sleeping... I came up with this idea!

I had this two pack of cheapo mounted canvas. I bought a cheapo bottle ($.89) of sky blue paint and Landen and I went to town! I used a bit more than what it would have taken to just cover them and added big circles/swirl texture.

new baby 001

new baby 005

We waited for that to dry and took a nap!

Then I got out a roll of cute polka dot ribbon (5/8 inch I think, paid $1.99) I layed out the ribbon and decided what lengths to cut for the stems. Then made the leaves and set aside. Next I dug out the good ole' hot glue gun. I glued down the stem bottoms first, then lined it up and added the leaves. To finish it off I put ribbon along the bottom and wrapped it around the bottom. then added the bows! The flowers are clips too! (I will be selling all kinds of clippies at the upcoming Crafty Mart!)

new baby 006

Ta-Dah! It is now hanging on the nursery wall! Love it!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

What I have been making.

So, I ended up going to the ER the other night for severe pain in my back and hip. I am now on limited activity for the next week. It is a good thing that I am crafty or I would have totally lost it. I am not a "sit still" kind of chick!

I have made way more than what is here... but you get the drift!
Hairbows Galore!

Little Baby Shoes! (this is one of 6 pairs I have made so far)
baby stuff 014
I have also been busy putting the nursery together and filling the dresser...
baby stuff 004
And a new stroller too!
baby stuff 016
more projects to come!