Monday, May 17, 2010

Calling Knitters- What to make?

So I am preggo! I have problems sitting still these days, although I do love naps!  I am looking for a few patterns that are kind of easy for me to work on! I have to wait till August until I find out the sex of the baby, so maybe something that I can embellish later on... I have been making a ton of hats, so maybe other items... Please let me know if you have made the pattern, maybe picts if you have them!

Smooches All!

Thanks everyone in advance!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh Boy, or Girl...

It’s official! We are expecting our second child! We were “planning” on trying in the fall, but that went right out the window…

So I was home on a Friday, and I noticed a few extra days had gone by. I decided to run out and get a home test, just to see. Sure enough it was positive. I then had the challenge of waiting all day for Trevor to come home from work. But how should I tell him?? So I grabbed Landen’s new baseball jersey and headed out the door. I ran down the street to a sporting good place and asked how quickly they could add a name to the back… 10 minutes later I was on the way home. Then Trevor calls, he is running late and wants me to go ahead to the birthday party without him. So Landen and I headed over to Build-A-Bear to meet the crew for Evan’s birthday. It was killing me to not tell everyone, but I had to tell the hubby first. We are all standing around with all the kids, between all of us there are 9 kids, 8yrs and under… now to be 10! (Mackenna-8, Ava-7, Jayden-5, Brayden-5, Evan-4, Landen-3, Elijah-1, baby Scotty-5mths, and little Timmons-still in the belly- yet to be named.) And add Cousin Kana in that mix too! We sure can bring the party! So we made a dragon, named Landen and headed home to pick up Trev to head back to the party for cake. I run in and change Landen’s shirt to wear his new personalized jersey… I almost cried! “Big Brother” it read. I sent him off to run around the house, hoping to tell Trev. He didn’t quite notice, 15 minutes later, I couldn’t stand it… “Honey, did you see Landen’s new shirt?” “Oh, yeah, it’s nice…” I almost lost it! I asked, did you read the back? He said, “So who’s shirt is that?” “ It is LANDEN’S!!” Then the look, the deer in headlights look! He just stood there, I cried (still not sure why) and he hugged me. Oh my! We then jumped in the car and headed back to the party. We got out of the car and made a bee-line to Aunt Harmie! Landen ran right past her, she read the shirt, and was so excited, as was everyone else! It was such a fun way to tell everyone!! I still can’t believe it, I am so impatient! I want to know, is it a boy? girl? Just tell me now, I want to go shopping!!

Thanks to everyone for your support and enthusiasm!! This was sure the best birthday gift I have ever received! And it will then turn into a Christmas gift, man are we good or what!?!?