Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Update - Etsy that is...

So I am trying to finally update my Etsy! Oh, my! I am a instant gratification type, so the waiting for uploads aren't always my favorite thing to do...

I took an afternoon and camped out on my front porch with a Coke Zero, my camera and my "button box"! I was so thankful for the nice weather. I can hardly remember the last time I sat in the sun. It was wonderful!
So here are a few of the new additions to my Etsy, more to come!

Owl by Mary

Do you have an Etsy? What do you do while you update your store? Any tips or tricks to share?

1 comment:

Devona said...

Oooo, I love your new glazes.

I also hate updating etsy. Maybe we can hire some naive teenager to do it for us and say it is an unpaid internship. :)