Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yarn Makeovers

I love to dye! It is very fun and takes little effort!
 It can be going on in the background of any day around the house!

I recently was digging through the stash and decided to pull a few yarns out that I couldn't see my self
using anytime soon. Then those were divided into "needs a makeover" or "needs a new home"!

Contestant #1- a lime girl, worsted weight- loved the feel, just not the color so much!

Then a little Splish Splash....

Contestant #2 - a light blue/gray gal, just looked a little sad...

again Splish Splash.......

Contestant #3 the family of nude- (couldn't show indecent photos on my blog, so no before picture)
Splish Splash

It was fun! And all the ladies are happy!

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